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16 Unique Airbnbs in California (2021)

California is a massive state. Its terrain is very diverse, including gorgeous beaches, jaw-dropping coastline, snow-capped mountains, deserts, salt flats, volcanoes and lush forests. On top of that, California is where Airbnb was born! So it’s no surprise that you can find some truly unique Airbnbs in California.

I’m a California native. And even though I spent my whole life in California and have constant wanderlust, I still am not tired of California. There are still parts I haven’t visited, and there are many places I’ve visited but haven’t seen in a while and so miss.

We travel to California in a number of ways. Sometimes we camp. Sometimes we glamp. And sometimes we stay in some truly incredible Airbnbs, some of which we wanted to share with you below. Take your time looking through them because they’re really beautiful.

It was very hard to share just some of the best Airbnbs in California. There are just so many. But here they are!

Unique Airbnbs in California At a Glance

Unique Airbnbs in California – Best Of

Most Romantic: Pinecone Treehouse

Photo credit: Airbnb

Santa Cruz, CA

Out of all the unique Airbnbs in California, this one is probably the most romantic, and arguably the most unique. It is called a “pinecone”, and it certainly resembles one from the outside. However, once you climb the metal stairs to get up inside this thing, it feels more like being inside a glass beehive. Multiple glass panels are inserted into a steel frame with a simple platform and a queen bed as the sole piece of furniture is all that you have.

Stranger still is the fact that this structure dangles from redwood trees like a pinecone or beehive. It moves slightly in the breeze, which might be nice at night, and it is secured to the ground by a sturdy structural ladder to prevent it from breaking or falling.

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Must Luxurious: Peaceful Treehouse with Ocean View

Aptos Treehouse Northern California Airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Santa Cruz, CA

If you like the idea of a treehouse but you want something more substantial than a bed in a tent this treehouse deserves a serious look! This stunning treehouse is one of the best Airbnbs California has to offer, sitting high up in the treetops overlooking Soquel Cove and the Pacific Ocean just beyond. It has three bedrooms and a full bath, open concept with living room, dining room, and kitchen. The outdoor patio/balcony/veranda areas have plenty of seating for sunbathing, quiet meditation or reading, and even a hammock to sway gently in the afternoon breezes.

Best Value: Lunette Hut

Lunette Hut Central Coast California Airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Cuyama, CA

If you want to see what living in a tiny house is like, you should give a “lunette house” at Desert Sky Center a try. In the heart of the New Cuyama Valley and Sierra Madre desert range, you’ll get a taste of desert life with a minimalist twist. The huts look like miniature covered wagons and feature one double bed and a simple nightstand. Bathrooms and facilities are located elsewhere on the property and are shared by all guests.

Unique Airbnbs in Northern California

Shasta – A-Frame Cabin with a View

shasta cabin northern california airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Shasta County, California

Once upon a time in the 1970s, A-frame houses were all the rage. Their bizarre frame structure creating a perfect triangle or “A”-shaped home is what drew people to them. This is no exception, and this lovely cabin on Shasta Lake is also a fascinating log cabin. It is rustic, but it is also cozy and comfortable. It only allows four adults or older children, and infants don’t count as extra guests. Best of all, you are nestled in the middle of California’s three biggest National Parks – Lassen Volcanic National Park, Redwood National Park, and Crater Lake National Park – with a lot to see and do.

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Cobb – The Cobb Haus

Cobb cabin treehouse northern california airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Cobb, California

Located in Cobb, CA, this one-bedroom cabin is perfect for a single person or a couple looking for a quiet weekend retreat. Many of the appliances and amenities included are deluxe in nature, including actual spring water that comes straight out of the tap and a milk frother for latte lovers. It’s perched overlooking a ravine, with plenty of outdoor space to watch nature and enjoy the forested area all around the cabin. Heat is provided by wood stoves, giving the ultimate cozy atmosphere for chilly evenings.

Santa Rosa – Eco-Luxury Farmhouse

eco luxury farmhouse northern california
Photo credit: Airbnb

Graton, California

The Eco-Luxury home features a king-sized bed and a sofa bed for sleeping and can accommodate 4 guests. A pool and a jacuzzi are just outside the rear entrance and even its own private infrared ultra-low emf outdoor sauna. It has a very country feel to most of the rooms, but walk out the front door and you’re within walking distance of many wineries, galleries, and artists’ and artisans’ shops.

One or two couples may stay comfortably, but children are not allowed for safety and accommodation reasons. If you enjoy art and want to explore some of California’s vineyards, this little eco-friendly house is right in the middle of everything you want to see.

Monterey Bay – Treehouse in Vineyard

Monterey Bay treehouse california
Photo credit: Airbnb

Los Gatos, California

What do you get when you cross a hunter’s tree stand with a glamping tent and a kid’s dream of a treehouse? You get this Airbnb in California that is a hands-down unique place to stay. It’s built into some huge Douglas firs that overlook Monterey Bay and the Lago Lomita Vineyards. Only two adults can safely and comfortably stay here, and if you need a restroom, you have to go to the main house to use it. No restroom in the glamping tent of the treehouse exists.

Unique Airbnbs in the High Desert California

Mojave Desert – Secluded Eco-Pods

mojave desert eco pods california
Photo credit: Airbnb

Ridgecrest, California

This cozy spot is the ultimate remote desert experience. You truly are away from it all with the nearest accommodation 3 miles away. Away from city lights, you can see unparalleled views of the night sky. Located a few miles away from Death Valley, the eco-pod is the perfect road-trip stop.

Exploring Death Valley? Here’s our list of the most beautiful Death Valley attractions.

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Joshua Tree – Dome House

Unique Airbnb Joshua Tree Dome House
Photo credit: Airbnb

Joshua Tree, California

A strange little oasis in the midst of Joshua Tree desert, this two-bedroom and one-bath dome-shaped hut features retro furniture and decor. The hut is heated by stove for those cooler desert nights. The shape of the hut keeps it cool during the day.

Joshua Tree – Sueno Sagrado Earth House

Pioneertown california desert airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Pioneertown, California

The Sueño Sagrado is not only beautiful, it has been designed with green design principles. It’s completely off-grid and solar-powered. About 2.5 hours away from Los Angeles, the air is clear and the stars shine bright. Note that the home does not have AC, so you should avoid peak summer months.

Sueno is no longer available

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Unique Airbnbs in Southern California

Topanga – The Black Carriage

The Black Carriage southern california glamping
Photo credit: Airbnb

Topanga, California

Gypsy caravans are not gone or dead. They have just been repurposed like this particular caravan. It is the most elegant place to stay with a very gypsy-like feel. A single bed built into the back of the caravan is just like the one you would sleep in any other caravan. A side caravan attached by a pathway serves as your bathroom because gypsy caravans never had them.

Los Angeles – Skyfarm Yurt

California Glamping Skyfarm Yurt
Photo credit: Airbnb

If you’ve never stayed in a yurt, this is your chance. This particular yurt has one bedroom but two beds. A single bath services everyone. There is a lot of outdoor light and a dining table and chairs for entertaining. Animals roam the property for a farm-like feel.

Malibu – Romantic Beachfront Apartment

malibu beach apartment
Photo credit: Airbnb

Malibu, California

With perfect surfing conditions and beautiful beach views year-round, Malibu is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape the city or suburban life for a few days. This charming beach house is an idyllic base to experience all Malibu has to offer. The large windows let in plenty of light and offer million-dollar ocean views from every room. Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean, or go for a swim in the ocean right at your doorstep.

Airbnbs with Limited Availability

The following Airbnbs have extremely limited availability, so we have created a separate section for these rare gems. There’s a possibility that some of these Airbnbs have been blocked off due to the pandemic. But we have seen some available days pop up now every now and then only for them to be snatched up quickly. We would highly recommend grabbing a slot if you’re lucky to see an opening. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Stinson Beach – Bird’s Nest Bungalow

stinson beach northern california airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Stinson Beach, California

This abode is so named because it is perched high up on a beach overlooking trees. You get the sense that you are a bird in a little birdhouse with a view. Plumbing is a combination of inside and outside fixtures. There is only one bed and one bedroom, but the little place is filled with the warmth of sunlight all day long.

San Diego – Secluded Hobbit House

san diego hobbit house
Photo credit: Airbnb

Ramona, California

This highly sought after Airbnb makes nearly every list for the most unique Airbnbs in California, and for a good reason.

Even if you aren’t a Tolkien fan, this cozy Airbnb is the ultimate glamping experience. For LOTR fans, this Hobbit House is one for the bucket lists. If you’re looking to completely disconnect and unwind, this home is for you. There is no wifi and no electricity and the space is lit naturally with glowing lanterns. The area is remote and serene and the outdoor roof and patio offers beautiful views of the valley.

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Mendocino – Forest Camping Treehouse

Elk cabin northern california airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Elk, California

A quiet retreat built into a grove of five or six tall trees, this little cabin definitely has some unique features. One is an outdoor shower with a composting toilet. Walk around to the opposite side/end of the hut and you will find a footed tub on a platform that is completely open to the air. That’s right; you can take a relaxing bath in open nature. The queen-sized bed is enclosed with glass doors that open to the veranda. A single or couple is the max capacity for this little cabin retreat.

Mill Valley – Serene Gem in the Redwoods

mill valley northern california airbnb
Photo credit: Airbnb

Mill Valley, California

With beautiful hikes right at your doorstep, this Mill Valley home is a dream escape for nature lovers. This rustic century-old home is ideally set in the middle of towering redwoods. Enjoy breakfast on the deck or unwind after a hike and get into a good book on the patio. Every space inside this lovely home offers a way to enjoy nature.

Morongo Valley – Minimalist Modern Cabin

Photo credit: Airbnb

Morongo Valley, California

With some of the best views in the high desert, this unique dwelling situated in the hills of yucca valley has everything you could want in a desert getaway. Its clear walls take the “indoor-outdoor” experience to a whole new level. It has its own deck and propane fire pit is completely off-grid and generates its own power from the sun. The detached kitchen and full bathroom are just yards away. It is one of two other short-term rentals on the property.

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