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7 Spectacular Joshua Tree Dome Houses

Whether you want to escape the hustle of everyday city life or explore the diversely stunning beauty of the country’s flora and fauna, national parks across the USA make for excellent holiday destinations. Among them, Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California stands out for its alluringly desolate and distinct topography. Boasting a landscape that includes vast arid desert dotted with unique rock formations and mountain ranges, it’s no surprise that the park and its surroundings attract over 2 million visitors every year.

Catering to local and international visitors the area offers a wide range of spectacular homestays, of which a Joshua Tree dome house makes for a creative accommodation option. A legacy of Buckminster Fuller, the environmentally-friendly geodesic domes have structures that exude rejuvenating energy underlined by the serenity of the environment. The dome houses further provide enjoyable indoor-outdoor living and are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local setting and culture while relishing the appeal of inimitable architectural design.

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Dome in the Desert

Best Joshua Tree Dome House Dome in the Desert

Photo credit: Airbnb

Joshua Tree, California

The two-bedroom Dome in the Desert is a petite and cheerful sojourn lovingly crafted to accommodate a couple or a small family. A Joshua Tree dome house located in the wild but near hiking trails, restaurants, and shops, the property takes into account the changing temperatures of the desert by furnishing both an air conditioner and space heaters for comfort. During the day, you’ll find that plenty of light seeps in from the large windows. The same turn into picture frames to admire the starlit skies comes nightfall.

We especially love the splashes of yellow interspersed throughout the dome, adding a hint of liveliness to the otherwise bright white interiors. If you’re someone with a penchant for vintage, Dome in the Desert will charm you with its classic novelties, from a typewriter on the desk and a wood-burning stove in the living room to a white farmhouse sink in the bathroom.

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Serenity Dome House

Best Dome House Joshua Tree Serenity Dome House

Photo credit: Vrbo

Landers, California

Perfect for groups of 12-16 guests, Serenity Dome House is five miles from the unconventional Integratron sound bath and a short drive from Joshua Tree. The spacious property has a dominant alternative bent, visible in the colorful interiors and three trailers with psychedelic murals on the outside by local artists. At the same time, conveniences such as air-conditioning, free WiFi, TV, a fully-stocked kitchen, laundry facilities, and parking give the place a contemporary feel.

Offering a true-blue glamping experience, the homestay’s outdoor area is an idyllic spot to spend your evenings upon returning for a day full of adventure. Here, you can cool down in the 8ft deep swimming pool, relax in the jacuzzi, bake marshmallows over the fireplace, or lounge away the night stargazing, lost in a dreamy stupor.

House Retreat

Best Dome Joshua Tree House Retreat

Photo credit: Vrbo

Riverside County, California

This secluded contemporary dome house in Joshua Tree, located on a vast five-acre land, allows you to live large and loud. Offering an eccentric setting, the expansive retreat places you in the rural outback close to a windmill farm and the San Jacinto Mountain range in the distance. Unlike most other accommodations in the region, since there are no neighbors in the vicinity, you can enjoy music and animated conversations in the open till late at night. However, while the dirt road leading to the dome might hint toward a middle-of-nowhere stay, the property is only 15 minutes from Palm Springs.

Interestingly, the house’s appeal is such that it seduces you to stay and relish its many enchantments rather than head on out for food or entertainment. The dome impressed us with its 26ft high ceiling and large windows overlooking stunning panoramas. The skylights in the loft make it an idyllic spot to lie under the cover of the sparkling sky. At the same time, the modern kitchen, indoor living spaces, outdoor deck, and Vitality spa tub act as initiators to a relaxing evening complete with good food and great conversations.

Abracadabra Dome in the Desert

Best Joshua Tree Dome Abracadabra Dome in the Desert

Photo credit: Vrbo

Landers, California

Only five minutes from the Integratron, the magically named Abracadabra is an authentic geodesic Joshua Tree dome house dating back to 1981. Nestled amongst 2.5-acre of the Mojave Desert, the pet-friendly homestay merges its rustic appeal with an artistic vibe creating a private sanctuary filled to the brim with creature comforts. Bringing the vibe of the desert inside, Abracadabra uses organic fabrics and muted color tones of browns and beige that will leave you in a soothing state of mind. A carefully-picked collection of books, art, and music further accentuate the ambiance giving the dome an individual personality.

We also can’t get over the originality of their specially created Spotify song list that captures the very essence of the region and the house. Of course, Abracadabra isn’t without its fair share of fashionable conveniences. From different coffee-making options and HDTV with multiple streaming services to Singing Wood speakers, there’s much to enjoy indoors. And when you step outside into the cool of the evening, there’s even more to admire. The large cowboy pool and tub, a gas grill, hammocks, a dining area, and loungers are all facilities that place you in the center of the desert’s nightly quietude.

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Saguaro Dome House

Saguaro Dome House Best Joshua Tree Dome House

Photo credit: Airbnb

Yucca Valley, California

Built in 1981 and inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s design, Saguaro Dome House rests on a 2.5-acre private land, a short drive from downtown Joshua Tree. The two-bed, two-bath home oozes casual Californian homeliness, amalgamating it with modernism to create a romantic getaway for couples looking to enjoy the spoils of the region.

The interiors at Saguaro are modest, speckled with personal touches such as a turntable, LP collection, and music instruments. The large windows with endless desert views allow you to spot the local wildlife that ranges from rabbits and roadrunners to cayotes and various reptiles. On the other hand, a strategically placed telescope is your perfect companion for studying the night sky. The outdoors follow suit in simplicity. However, the 8×8 round cowboy pool, hammocks, and fire pit transform it into your own private nighttime entertainment hub.

Zen Dome

Zen Dome Best Dome House Joshua Tree

Photo credit: Airbnb

Joshua Tree, California

Expect to be engulfed in tranquility as soon as you enter the aptly named Zen Dome. Featuring a 20ft high ceiling and pure white interiors, the house displays spiritual undertones highlighting the philosophy of desert life. The cozy one-bedroom nook near restaurants and the park is thus the quintessential Joshua Tree dome house for couples wanting privacy and alone time.

A closer look into the house reveals characteristic additions that, quite honestly, we found very cute. The perfectly placed bed in the loft, fireplace, colorful paintings, tub in the bathroom, and indoor green plants help generate an amorous atmosphere. And if you’re an audiophile, don’t forget to check out the acoustics in the center of the dome. You’ll find that the sound reverberates at this spot in the most magical fashion.

Desert Dome House

Desert Dome House Best Dome Joshua Tree

Photo credit: Airbnb

Joshua Tree, California

Retro meets desert-chic at Desert Dome, an artistically conceptualized Airbnb promising stunning vistas in every direction you look. Meticulously decorated using natural elements and with comfort at the forefront, the abode offers four bedrooms, styled individually in a homely fashion. For us, the vintage furniture pieces were one of the winning factors. The leather upholstered lounge chair, four-poster bed, and swing chair in one bedroom make the homestay a design lover’s dream come true.

Furthermore, while this dome house in Joshua Tree is close to shops and restaurants, its kitchen is an inviting space that entices you to stay back and cook. Another highlight of a holiday at the kid-friendly Deseret Dome is its spread-out backyard. The place to stargaze after a day full of discoveries, the patio comes with a hot tub, wooden deck, and ample space to run around freely.

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