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Cozy Up in the Rockies: 14 Stunning Cabins in Denver Colorado

Denver, as the capital of Colorado, is a dynamic metropolitan with a vintage heart steeped in the glamour of Old West ethos. Promising a lively vacation, the city boasts some of the best museums in the country, a thriving culinary and brewery scene, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of entertainment, no matter your interest. At the same time, the city’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains and national parks attracts tourists looking to experience the joys of outdoorsy activities, from skiing and hiking to fishing and mountain biking.

As a result, idyllically located cabins near Denver Colorado, serve as pleasant lodgings for travelers wanting to be close to wildlife and locals wishing to take a break from city life. Situated in and around picturesque towns such as Boulder, Black Hawk, Idaho Springs, Golden, and Evergreen, these cabins, curated with heart, wallow in the glory of their individuality, leaving a noticeable imprint on the natural charm of the region.

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Beautiful Cabins near Denver Colorado

The 1960s A-Frame in Bailey

The 1960s A-Frame in Bailey Cabins in Denver Colorado

Photo credit: Airbnb

Bailey, Colorado

R. M. Schindler might have been the first to design an A-frame in the 1930s, but the concept really took off as a vacation home trend in the 1950s. Now, you can stay in a refurbished 1960s A-frame with two bedrooms and a bathroom for a nostalgia-meets-contemporary tranquil getaway.

An hour from Denver, the cabin places you in the heart of nature. There are several trails to explore in every direction, or you can go fishing at the nearby lake to catch your own dinner. Moreover, one can spot plenty of wildlife while lounging on the cabin’s deck, which features a propane fire pit, relaxed seating, and tables.

The open-plan kitchen and living room capture the essence of the 60s with retro furniture, assembling a spacious yet restful atmosphere. Save your evenings for a calming soak in the outdoor cedar hot tub, a satisfying way to relish a sundowner after an activity-filled day of exploration.

The Ultimate Treehouse

Photo credit: Vrbo

Gilpin County, Colorado

The three-bedroom Ultimate Treehouse not only does justice to its name but goes over and beyond in delivering an experiential stay soaked in rustic luxury. Although a mere 5 miles from Central City and Black Hawk, the 38’ tall treehouse and cabin combo exudes a middle-of-nowhere sensation, allowing guests to leisure in their own secret enclave, away from human interference.

Striking in appearance, the interiors of the accommodations celebrate the quintessential homeliness of mountain lodge living, accentuated further by dreamy lighting and classic wooden decor. Moreover, the contemporary amenities offered here are quite honestly unseen in this category of residences. Think an indoor-outdoor sound system, a full bathroom with a bidet toilet, high-speed internet, a game loft, complete generator backup, and motorized shades, to mention a few.

Additionally, the lodging stands apart for its immersive nature. A 4.5-mile private hiking trail, campfire ring, and tree hammocks will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. At the same time, families will love the curated treasure hunts on the property. And there’s also the chance to find century-old coins in the surrounding land using the supplied metal detectors.

Pioneer Cabin

Denver Colorado Cabins Pioneer Cabin

Photo credit: Vrbo

Gilpin County, Colorado

To bask in Golden State Canyon Park’s unmatched beauty, book a stay at the Pioneer Cabin, situated at 9200 feet amidst 2.5 acres of dense mountain bull pine forest. The green-colored, two-bedroom cabin merges seamlessly with the environment, housing up to six guests in the lap of luxury.

The interiors, featuring wall art, plush sofas, curated knick-knacks, and a Scandinavian minimalist design aesthetic, allow free movement. We loved the bathroom with a lush rain shower and the standalone oval tub next to a large square window overlooking gorgeous scenes.
Additionally, thoughtful inclusions such as a turntable, Keurig coffee maker, Frame TV, outdoor jacuzzi, and a well-equipped kitchen help boost the luxury quotient of the property. And since you’re privy to spectacular views of Denver and Mount Evans from the cabin, its deck, equipped with a fire pit and Adirondack chairs, is a lovely place to chill anytime during the day or at night.

Upscale Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabins near Denver Colorado Upscale Mountain Cabin

Photo credit: Vrbo

Coal Creek, Colorado

Charmingly authentic, this classic mountain home is one of the most luxurious cabins near Denver Colorado. Situated 45 minutes from the city, it occupies a scenic spot among the Continental Divide mountains on a four-acre property.

Easy to access by road, the two-bedroom, two-bath cabin caters to guests throughout the year. While its outdoor gas fire pit, Adirondack chairs, and grill encourage you to plan a barbecue in summer, the indoor stone-walled fireplace indulges you with its warmth in winter. The bedrooms come with ensuites featuring a twin shower or a tub. The loft, reachable by a wooden ladder, is ideal for children as it has beds, a table, a study desk, rugs, and shelf space.

A lodge meant for family outings, the cabin’s full-sized island kitchen includes a dining table for up to eight. However, our favorite furnishings are the log beams on the ceilings and the swivel recliners that can face the fireplace or the floor-to-ceiling window granting astounding views of the mountains.

Classic Cabin Nestled in the Pines

denver colorado cabins Classic Cabin Nestled in the Pines

Photo credit: Airbnb

Boulder, Colorado

A short 15-minute drive from Boulder, Classic Cabin is the epitome of mountain accommodation, an idyllic stone and wood structure hidden in the region’s wilderness.

The three-bedroom eclectic cabin promises a bohemian stay accentuated by its lively interiors comprising rugs, art, rocking chairs, furniture, and furnishings collected from around the globe. While the sheer vibrancy of the interiors keeps the ambiance colorful, floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunlight to seep in and brighten up the open-plan kitchen and living room featuring a piano.

The cabin has ample outdoor space to sit, dine, and relax if you wish to make the most of the mountain setting or enjoy birding. We loved the bedroom with the skylight and the little stream that runs nearby, attracting a variety of wildlife, from deer and foxes to even bears on occasion.

Idaho Springs Cabin

Denver Cabin Rentals Idaho Springs Cabin

Photo credit: Vrbo

Idaho Springs, Colorado

The Idaho Springs Cabin, a luxurious and secluded property that sleeps two, is a perfect choice for weekend getaways in Colorado. This one-bedroom French chalet welcomes guests to experience the splendors of its surroundings, including skiing, hiking, fishing, and a wide range of year-round outdoor activities.

While the cabin’s location offers access to thrilling outdoor adventures, it is also an exceptional destination in itself, providing eclectic design and comfort for a memorable couple’s getaway. The cabin’s curated interiors are filled with carefully planned elements, with a mix of small and large windows that bathe the space in sunlight from all directions. Relax on plush sofas by the fireplace, inviting you to a romantic sit-down and cozy moments together.

As evening descends, take advantage of the deck for grilling or indulge in the hot tub, accompanied by the melodic sounds of nature in the background. When it’s time to rest, head to the loft, which brings you closer to the cabin’s most eye-catching ornamentation—the gorgeous bronze ceiling. The Idaho Springs Cabin offers an enchanting retreat for weekend getaways in Colorado, where you can create cherished memories amidst the splendor of the natural surroundings.

Triangle Cabin

Triangle Cabin Cabins near Denver Colorado

Photo credit: Airbnb

Jefferson, Colorado

A solitary figure in the middle of a three-acre private property, The Triangle Cabin stands tall, embraced by the surrounding pine trees. While the A-Frame’s iconic architecture and secluded location are undeniably attractive features, it is the cabin’s unadulterated warmth and coziness that make it an irresistible choice for a romantic getaway, such as a honeymoon.

A private abode with only one bedroom and bath, the cabin’s ground floor consists of a charming living room with a sofa bed, a dining area for two, a modern kitchen, a TV, and large windows that frame the mountains in the distance. The bedroom enhances the cushiness filling up the neat little loft with only the essentials; a queen bed, bedside tables, and a small ottoman.

Offering 360 degrees of picturesque landscapes and an outdoor hot tub, The Triangle Cabin is a romantic sojourn bound to sweep you off your feet.

Tiny Home in Denver

Tiny Home in Denver cabin rentals

Photo credit: Airbnb

Denver, Colorado

Eccentric and novel in its appeal, the tiny container home in Berkeley is among the quirkiest cabins in Denver Colorado. The rather petite housing comes with oodles of character that seasoned travelers will especially find alluring.

Although linear in design, the house provides all creature comforts within its limited space. You’ll soon realize that having a living area with streaming TV, a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen with an induction stove, and a bathroom with a shower in such proximity is rather convenient. And if you need more space, a couple of French doors lead to your private patio with a three-burner barbecue grill and oh-so-charming fairy lights.

Designed with thought, the container’s colorful décor brightens the space, converting the otherwise bleak metal façade into a warm and inviting abode. We also must mention that the urban residential setting of the home is ideal for first-time visitors who want to stay close to all the action in the city.

Upscale Mountain Treehouse in Indian Hills

Cabins in Denver Colorado Upscale Mountain Treehouse in Indian Hills

Photo credit: Vrbo

Indian Hills, Colorado

With turkeys, moose, and deer as the only possible visitors, the Mountain Treehouse in Indian Hills is a breathtaking natural escape that evokes a juvenile sense of excitement among its guests, no matter their age.

Built over three levels, the one-bedroom treehouse features a covered patio with a hot tub, hammocks, and a gas fire pit to keep you warm. The upper section has a semi-wrap-around deck where you can sit and experience the many sounds of the forest while relishing your morning tea or an evening glass of wine.

The modest kitchen containing a farmhouse sink, two-burner stove, and modern appliances impresses with its functionality. At the same time, the bedroom is a snuggly little spot that even has an AC should you visit during a particularly warm month. Small as it may be, the treehouse can easily accommodate a family of four, as the loft grants extra space to lounge or sleep.

Log Cabin by the River

Log Cabin on the River mountain cabins near denver colorado

Photo credit: Vrbo

Gilpin County, Colorado

Considered among the most authentic Denver Colorado cabins, this dreamy two-bedroom residence, close to Nederland and Golden Gate Canyon State Park, is a quaint escape with a captivating down-to-earth personality.

Surprisingly roomy, the family-friendly cabin packs a range of amenities within and outside the main building. As a result, you are guaranteed an event-filled holiday no matter the season you visit. Some of the extras for colder months that we adore are the in-floor heating, four-person hot tub, cross trainer in the loft bedroom, and the deck with a fire pit and barbecue grill.

In summer, the grassy patch next door, lined by towering pine trees, is where kids can run around and play outdoor games. While the authenticity of the log cabin keeps the wooden interiors genuine, the numerous windows that let in light during the day and open up to starlit skies at night make the cottage a truly magical stay option.

The Owl Chalet

The Owl Chalet Cabins near Denver Colorado

Photo credit: Vrbo

Rollinsville, Colorado

The Owl Chalet is a lovely three-bedroom, 1950s home situated near the once gold-mining towns of Black Hawk and Nederland. A short 30-minute drive from Boulder makes it an excellent option for an out-of-the-city staycation.

On the outside, the chalet has a somewhat traditional look that transforms into an artsy contemporary space with an elegant touch as you walk inside. The living room, interspersed with retro and modern furniture and a fireplace, leads into a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and countertop seating. The dining room’s picnic-style wooden table and benches fit in with the rustic decor, as does the outdoor patio, where you can grill and barbecue to your heart’s content.

The rooms on the first floor, in particular, deserve mention. The primary bedroom boasts two walls of floor-to-ceiling doors opening up to a deck that looks out over endless panoramas. At the same time, the second bedroom’s accent wall and mid-century furnishing give it a uniquely intriguing temperament.

The Retreat of the Enchanted Forest

The Retreat of the Enchanted Forest Denver Colorado Cabins

Photo credit: Vrbo

Jefferson County, Colorado

When planning to visit Red Rocks or wanting to step away from the mundaneness of the daily grind, this architecturally intricate three-bedroom home on Lookout Mountain near Golden is the answer.

As one of the best cabins in Denver Colorado, the Retreat entices guests with its glorious exteriors and expansive interiors. The cabin’s homely vibe is also one of its most endearing features. Keeping comfort and space in mind, different sections of the house cater to individual interests.
The indoor extension with a four-person hot tub, ping pong table, and hammocks is a nice place to entertain. Simultaneously, the extended living room is ideal for the family to sit together and mingle in one space. Additionally, carpeted flooring in the bedrooms, a sunk bathtub, and two gas-burning fireplaces ensure a warm and convivial stay even during the winter months.

New Cabin on the River

New Cabin on the River Mountain Cabins near Denver Colorado

Photo credit: Vrbo

Gilpin County, Colorado

New Cabin on the River, a secluded wood-and-stone mountain lodge, is the perfect Colorado honeymoon cabin for those seeking a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. It can sleep four in two well-appointed bedrooms with ensuites. The home layout comprises a lower floor with a bedroom leading to a deck where you’ll find a rather inviting four-person hot tub. On the main level, there’s a bedroom, an open-plan living room and kitchen, and a three-sided wrap-around deck.

The exciting aspect about the cabin is that while it comes fitted with typical lodge features, such as wooden floors, original beams on ceilings, an outdoor fire pit, and fireplaces, the overall ambiance is modern-day chic.

Contemporary furniture, designer light fixtures, amenities like in-floor heating, two 55” Smart TVs, X Box One, fast internet, a Weber BBQ Grill, and steam showers increase the luxury factor while catering to the needs of today’s travelers. Niceties taken care of, another reason to stay at the cabin is the gushing river in the back; its constant sound is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to take a break every now and then and immerse ourselves into our natural surroundings.

Cedar Mountain Lodge

Cedar Mountain Lodge Mountain Cabins near Denver Colorado

Photo credit: Airbnb

Evergreen, Colorado

A short drive from Evergreen, Cedar Mountain Lodge is a gorgeous one-bedroom dwelling perfect for a romantic interlude. The modern-day A-frame’s hilly location acts as a vantage point, granting everlasting panoramas of the surrounding pine forest and mountains.

The openness of the cabin gives the interiors a spacious aura, with each nook, from the living room to the fully-stocked kitchen, elegantly decorated to bestow comfort and serve a function. You’ll find that the loft bedroom with the en-suite bath is remarkably ample for a construction of this kind, having a large door window keeping you close to nature at all times.

We should also mention that the lodge’s outdoor deck is exceptional. Its large size allows for much movement between the couches, the dining table, and the barbecue grill. Of course, the highlight of the stay is the four-person hot tub, perfect for soothing aching muscles after a hike or enjoying a memorable love-filled night under the sparkling night sky.

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