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The Ultimate Mega Mansion – Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe Review

Few natural attractions are as stunning and celebrated as Lake Tahoe. This incredible setting sits right on the border between California and Nevada. As North America’s biggest alpine lake, it’s no surprise that Lake Tahoe is ringed by the amazing peaks of both the Carson and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

If you’re going to visit a breathtaking location like Lake Tahoe, you need a vacation rental that can match that grandeur. Thankfully, there is such a place – Sherman Estates. Unsurprisingly it’s top on our list of the best Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals. This huge, sprawling mansion has been rented out by popular reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s an in-depth review of Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe.

Overall Impression

Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe Exterior
Photo credit: Airbnb

When you first set eyes on Sherman Estates, the first impression is one of immense scale. This Vrbo is huge, covering 17,000 sq ft with 17 bedrooms that can accommodate nearly 40 guests. This space is split between the larger main house and an adjoining guest house, which incorporates four bedrooms.

Living room 2 Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe
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You’ll also quickly be struck by how many amenities this place offers. There are multiple outdoor decking areas, giving you access to some truly stunning views, as well as a well-stocked games room and a large indoor theater. There’s also an indoor infinity swimming pool, which provides another round of amazing vistas, and two hot tubs shared between the two houses.

Nearly every room gives off luxurious log cabin vibes, with lots of dark wood and rich leather furnishings. The beamed ceiling stretches high above you as you drink in the elegance and sophistication of the home.

Many of the bedrooms have their own wall-mounted fireplaces, creating a cozy, warm environment that’s perfect to come home to after a day spent on the slopes. The main bedrooms also boast en-suite bathrooms that offer a relaxing place to soak while you gaze out at the snow-capped mountains that surround the estate.

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Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe Location
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The impressive combination of lake and mountains makes Lake Tahoe a popular destination for both skiing and water sports. There are approximately 15 world-class skiing resorts dotted around the lake, offering plenty of adrenaline-fueled adventures for thrill-seeking tourists.

And if you stay at Sherman Estates, you’ll be right in the heart of the action. The property is located on Lake Tahoe’s southern shore, close to the state line between California and Nevada. The closest resort is Heavenly Mountain Resort, one of the area’s most popular choices. The resort is built around East Peak.

Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe hot tub
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There are also plenty of hiking trails lacing the nearby hills, and Sherman Estates is within driving distance of many trailheads. Van Sickle Bi-State Park, which is close to the property, is a great place to start. High Meadow trailhead is also nearby. You’ll also be close to some of Lake Tahoe’s best beaches, including El Dorado beach and Nevada beach.

But what really sells the location of the Vrbo are the scintillating views. You can see the alluring azure waters of the lake and the snowy peaks of the mountains from virtually every window. Sherman Estates sits on a 15-acre plot, which feels like your own private forest of gently swaying pine trees. As you look out from the rear of the property, you’ll be sheltered from prying eyes by a steep slope. This helps create a real sense of seclusion and privacy.

The property has enough garage space for eight cars, so even if you’re in a large group, everyone is within driving distance of the area’s best and brightest attractions.


Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe Balcony View
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With a magnificent mansion rental like this, it’s hard to choose between highlights. However, the views stand out above anything else, and this property offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the vistas.

Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe game room
Photo credit: Airbnb

There are nearly ten separate decking areas divided across the three main floors and the guest house, which has its own rooftop terrace. Two hot tubs can be found on these decking areas, along with plenty of fire pits, comfortable seating, and even a couple of bar areas. Each viewpoint is a fantastic place to watch the sunset with a drink in hand.

The swimming pool and games room are two other distinct highlights of this property. The pool is situated indoors, which means it’s nice and sheltered. It also boasts an infinity-style edge that looks out over the lake and mountains, which may just be one of the best views from a swimming pool that we’ve ever seen.

Swimming Pool Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe
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The games room is packed with things to play, from foosball and pool to ping pong and shuffleboard. If you don’t fancy taking part, you can always hang out at the adjoining bar and pour yourself a cocktail. The entire room also offers fantastic lakeside views as well as access to one of this property’s other highlights – the home theater.

The brilliantly named Gunbarrel Theater is your very own private home cinema, with luxurious leather reclining seats for a truly cinematic experience. There are enough seats to accommodate 24 people, with the picture provided by a massive 13-foot screen. This place could provide the most memorable movie night of your life.


This expansive property looks like the lakeside mansion that we all dream of. However, despite the luxurious appearance, there are a couple of drawbacks that might make this property unsuitable for your needs.

Firstly, it’s pretty expensive unless you’re staying with a large group of people. Although you could say that the high price tag is inevitable with a rental as large as this, there are other properties nearby that offer very similar space for a bit less money. You’re also paying a huge premium for the location, even if it’s a spectacular one.

This property is also not worth it if you’re only staying with a small group of people. Because it has room for a maximum of 38 guests, it’s really only suitable for a party of ten or more people. For smaller groups, such as single families, this property would offer far too much space – making it unsustainable to justify such a hefty cost per night.

Services & Amenities

Sherman Estates sits in a luxurious location surrounded by the fantastic amenities of Lake Tahoe’s southern shore. The property itself is also packed with amenities, including a jaw-dropping designer kitchen with a central marble counter and awesome views of the lake. But if you don’t fancy cooking every night, this property caters for that as well.

Sherman Estates in Lake Tahoe Full Kitchen
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If you want to enjoy some lovely restaurants or boutiques, Sherman Estates is within driving distance of some of Lake Tahoe’s most popular resort towns, including South Lake Tahoe. There’s a huge range of restaurants to choose from nearby, no matter what cuisine you fancy. There’s also plenty of choices when it comes to coffee shops and other eateries.

Because the area relies so heavily on tourism, you’ll find every conceivable amenity nearby in one of these resort towns. In nearby South Lake Tahoe, you’ll find several grocery stores and a Wholefoods, perfect for getting supplies for your stay. If you’re in the mood for relaxation, the area also has plenty of spas and beauty parlors. There are also plenty of sports and ski shops where you can buy or rent equipment for the slopes.

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