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16 Beautiful Airbnb Breckenridge Cabins

Planning a visit to Breckenridge, Colorado? You’re in for a treat; from skiing to hiking, to simply magnificent views from basically anywhere around town, Breckenridge is perfect for any nature-lover there is. In addition, couples, friends, families, or even solo travelers looking for a peaceful, recharging getaway can find a plethora of relaxing stays in and around Breckenridge.

Below, we’ve found 18 of the best Airbnb Breckenridge options, for a range of tastes, from the chic to the rustic. We selected these Airbnbs for their magnificent reviews, premium features, beautiful scenery, and tasteful decor. Whether you’re a couple or a large group visiting Breckenridge, you’ll certainly find a stay here that suits you!

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Best Airbnb Breckenridge Cabins at a Glance

Beautiful Airbnb Breckenridge Cabins – Best Of

Best for Families: The Ramsey Retreat

The Ramsey Retreat Airbnb Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Silverthorne, Colorado

If you love clean, modern, Scandinavian-esque decor the Ramsey Retreat might be for you. Similar to other Airbnbs in Breckenridge, this cabin comes with a hot tub! The home has 3 bedrooms, one of which has a set of bunk beds, which the kids will love. There are also other toys and games to keep young children occupied. It’s no surprise that the Ramsey Retreat a great Airbnb near Breckenridge for families.

Best Luxury Airbnb: Gold King Haus

Secluded Modern Home Airbnb in Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

This Breckenridge home is a dream luxury escape for big groups and families. The large window design in this modern Airbnb works with the natural environment so you can take full advantage of tall trees and surrounding forests. Those traveling together will love the large dining room table, perfect for family dinners! The home also features plenty of beds, a hot tub, and a pool table, giving plenty to do when you’re not on the slopes. Spend time with loved ones while enjoying Rocky Mountain views.

Best Value: Loft with Ski Area Views

Airbnb in Breckenridge Colorado Loft with Ski Area Views

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Who says you need to spend a fortune for an unforgettable getaway in Breckenridge? This spectacular loft, featuring incredible snowcapped views of the Rockies is an excellent Airbnb for those who are looking for a more affordable option. Rates start at $200 a night and this home can accommodate up to 6 guests. It’s also within walking distance to many trailheads so is a great option for those who hiking, biking, or cross country skiing. End the day on the balcony watching the sunset over the Rockies.

Best Airbnbs in Breckenridge

The Fox A-Frame

Fox A-Frame Airbnbs in Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Another country-style A-frame, this house comes complete with a wood-burning stove, which guests may find charming. Additionally, reviewers have mentioned that, although the cabin conveniently rests right off of the road, all windows face away from the road towards the trees, which makes for an exceptionally cozy feeling. Couples on vacation may love this romantic getaway.

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Private Cabin in Breckenridge

Private Cabin in Breckenridge Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Vacationers who want to feel like they own their very own private ski lodge might adore this rental. You may like features such as an adorable sofa that looks just like a ski lift, as well as your very own hot tub to luxuriate in while you enjoy the scenery. Families with kids– and even pets– who want a log cabin-in-the-woods vacation may be a perfect fit for this Airbnb.

High Point Hideaway

High Point Hideaway Airbnb Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Another stylish A-frame antique rustic cabin in the woods, this stay’s premier feature– according to reviewers– is the hot tub under the stars (and snow, depending on when you visit). Those who want a secluded, out-of-the-way feel may adore this cozy cabin. It’s a romantic stay, perfect for couples.

Chic Mountain Chalet

Airbnb Breckenridge Chic Mountain Chalet

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Want a luxurious-feeling stay that appears more expensive than it really is? You might love this brightly-decorated Airbnb. In addition, animal lovers may like the exclusive possibility to see moose trekking past this secluded property. This cute cabin may suit families with kids, as it comes equipped with a kids’ bedroom with bunk beds.

Hip and Cozy King Studio

Hip and Cozy King Studio in Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Another stay that may be ideal for couples, this studio boasts more of a chic, contemporary interior decor. Rather than being one, isolated private property, the condo is part of a complex. Reviewers have primarily esteemed this property’s central location: its proximity to shops, restaurants, and a ski lift may be of interest if you’re looking for something to do while you’re there.

The Best of Breck

The Best of Breck Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Travelers who like a more modern, sophisticated stay may be interested in this property. In addition, this cabin features not only a shared hot tub, but also a sauna, which many travelers may find unique and exciting. With one bedroom, this property may best suit couples looking to get away for a few days.

Airbnb Breckenridge Townhouse

3BR Townhome Breckenridge Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

This spacious three-bedroom property boasts a shining, modern-yet-rustic interior. Guests who appreciate natural light may favor this townhome with its large windows and siding glass doors. Reviewers also mentioned an appreciation for this property’s central location; while staying here, guests may love the experience of being able to walk two minutes to reach Breckenridge’s downtown area. With three bedrooms and room to sleep ten people, this property may suit traveling families well.

Miner’s Launchpad

Miner's Launchpad Breckenridge Condo Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

Looking for a trendy modern-rustic stay? You may love this “miner’s launchpad” Airbnb. The baby-blue-painted wood-burning stove, matched with blue cabinets and curtains, creates an upbeat yet homey essence. Reviewers loved how spotless and adorably decorated this little cabin was. Again, this is another cabin that may be better suited for couples.

Awesome Breckenridge Studio

Awesome Breckenridge Studio Airbnb Breckenridge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Breckenridge, Colorado

This cabin may pique the interest of couples who love to ski. Yet another intimate studio cabin, you may enjoy this property’s austere, country-like build and decor. What’s more, is that this cabin comes with a community pool which reviewers have enjoyed. It’s also within walking distance from a ski lift, for those guests who visit the area to ski.

Best Airbnbs in Breckenridge Surrounds

The Hygge Chalet and Sauna

The Hygge Chalet and Sauna Breckenridge Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Grant, Colorado

Luxurious and spacious, yet cozy, this A-frame cabin features a picturesque outdoor steam sauna, perfect for relieving sore muscles after a day of skiing. The thoughtful decor makes you feel right at home and peaceful in this stay, a common feature among Airbnbs in Breckenridge. This cabin contains two bedrooms, which means it may best suit small families or small groups.

Claim Jumper Creekside Cabin

Breckenridge Airbnb Claim Jumper Creekside Cabin

Photo credit: Airbnb

Idaho Springs, Colorado

This is one of those cabins that looks tiny on the outside, but feels spacious on the inside. The polished wood interior decor may inspire a warm and cozy feeling in many travelers. Also, the cabin’s premier feature– as noted by previous guests– is the peaceful silence you’ll enjoy while staying here. With one bedroom, this cabin may be best suited for couples.

Vail Condo

Vail Condo Breckenridge Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

Vail, Colorado

Clean, comfy, sparkling clean, and with a luxurious view, guests have raved over this vacation rental, namely, for its location. If you like to hang out with your friends, family, or partner outside, perhaps sipping a nice beverage, while admiring gorgeous mountains just in the distance, you may love this cabin. Renters have noted that it may be perfect for family vacations, especially those looking to do some skiing.

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